Fifteen Minutes of Fiction | Abra Kadabra

The first session signaling the return of FMF is inspired by the incredible new movie (in theaters now), “Now You See Me”.

The prompt is: Magic

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4M | ForteBowie

This is one of the more “manageable” Mondays for most of us with it being Memorial Day, but I figured I’d share¬† some dope music anyway!

Atlanta’s own ForteBowie is a hip hop artist I caught wind of over at The Redefined. Even though the review was decent, the music still slipped under my radar. Seems I was meant to listen to his music because South x Southwest brought his EP Vice Haus back into my possession.

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Write Now! | The Return of 15 Minutes of Fiction

Things are coming to an end over at F3, one of the first sites to get me writing consistently. It was through writing for them I was able to craft “What The Hell?”, a story being made into a short film. Its very sad that its ending, especially since I’d been craving participation and had finally freed up a bit. Hopefully someone will take the reigns on the site and continue the dream, but for now I’d like to offer up an alternative.

Flash Fiction has been an ever increasing force in the writing community, allowing for bursts of creativity at high frequency. Its also a means for writers to stay engaged in their craft and try different things. Last year, I started the “15 Minutes of Fiction” initiative, allowing exactly 15 minutes to write about a weekly prompt. Now is a better time than ever to bring this idea back.

Over the next few days I’ll be reaching out to a few people to see if they’d be interested in participating. If all goes well, the first prompt will go up on Monday with further instructions. Go ahead and comment below if you’d like to join us, and share ideas for prompts as well. Happy writing!


4M | Travis Garland

Originally a part of short lived boy band NLT back in 2006, Garland split from the group in 2009 and has been slowly developing his solo career. After passing on a song that turned into Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” and a ghost album release date after his itunes single debut, it seems Garland may have finally found his zone musically. Continue reading

May The Fourth Be With You!

Today is a pivotal moment! Its the first May 4th with Disney at the reigns of the Star Wars universe. I have a post that should drop anytime today over at The Redefined but, for now, enjoy this track by Wichita, Kansas native and dope artist XV. Jedi Knight comes from his incredible mixtape Popular Culture.


Thats me.