4M | ForteBowie

This is one of the more “manageable” Mondays for most of us with it being Memorial Day, but I figured I’d share¬† some dope music anyway!

Atlanta’s own ForteBowie is a hip hop artist I caught wind of over at The Redefined. Even though the review was decent, the music still slipped under my radar. Seems I was meant to listen to his music because South x Southwest brought his EP Vice Haus back into my possession.

vicehause2ruff Continue reading


4M | Travis Garland

Originally a part of short lived boy band NLT back in 2006, Garland split from the group in 2009 and has been slowly developing his solo career. After passing on a song that turned into Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” and a ghost album release date after his itunes single debut, it seems Garland may have finally found his zone musically. Continue reading

4M | Lion Babe

I was having a tough time finding a song I hadn’t heard yet to post for this weeks Music Makes Monday Manageable post. As if recognizing my struggle, a friend of mine posted this dope duo on Facebook.


Hailing from New York, this soulful producer/singer duo consists of Lucas Goodman and Jillian Hervey. They only have one track I’ve found thus far, but its incredibly refreshing. The production is very unique, somehow reminding me of Nujabes and her singing is reminiscent of Erykah Bady (the melody more-so than the voice). Neither of these things are bad things. Check out the video for “Treat Me Like Fire” below and share your thoughts.

4M | City and Colour “Of Space and Time”


Dallas Green, guitarist and vocalist from Alexisonfire, has consistently made some incredible music on his own as City and Colour (a play on his name). I’d never listened to Alexisonfire, but Green’s solo effort was brought to my attention by a good friend. Folk Rock wasn’t heavy in rotation for me, but the sound was a much needed change of pace and a refreshing addition to my collection. “Of Space and Time” came across my Facebook, shared by that same friend, and its pretty good. If you’re not familiar, give it a listen.

4M | Big K.R.I.T. “R.E.M.”


We return to 4M (Music Makes Monday Manageable) with a new release from the Mississippi native, Big K.R.I.T. He’s seen some ups and downs since his lukewarm album release, but this track is a return to form. His tracks with 9th Wonder were decent, but I’m more a fan of the production on this particular track. Lyrically, he seems poised to push for the hip hop crown again, and I support the movement. R.E.M. will be on the upcoming mixtape, King Remembered In Time. Check out the video and share your thoughts.