Greetings! Welcome to The Writing Righter. This website serves as a creative outlet for myself and a look into my writing journey.

I’m a lot of things and “writer” just seems to be one of the traits I like to share with the world most frivolously. I write music, news articles and editorials, and movie/music/game reviews. Below you’ll find links to the collective articles for each site respectively. I write as Charles Singletary here, but I go by Profex (Twitter: @Profexxion) in most of the the entertainment mediums.

Movies/Music : The Redefined ~ A unique perspective on the entertainment culture

I’ve searched high and low for creative venues that allow freedom and frequency in short bursts to constantly keep the writing energy flowing. There are a few, but I felt that there was a great opportunity here. Hence the creation of “Fifteen Minutes of Fiction”. This segment is the true foundation of the goals for this site, allowing a platform for writers of all types to present their ideas when they don’t have much time allotted for it. We all keep a busy schedule and rarely find time to engage in our passions, but this idea has presented a way to do so. When time allows, I’ll be posting prompts and sending invites to writers and aspiring writers alike.

With all this said, I hope you enjoy the site. Things are in the works to gather a larger audience and, when that happens, we will all grow together and become Writing Righters.


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