Fifteen Minutes of Fiction | Abra Kadabra

The first session signaling the return of FMF is inspired by the incredible new movie (in theaters now), “Now You See Me”.

The prompt is: Magic


Greetings all and welcome back to Fifteen Minutes of Fiction. Creativity is our goal and these posts will serve as catalysts for our inner writer. Every Monday from here on out (barring unforeseen circumstance) I will be placing a new prompt for the week up on the site. All participants will take 15 minutes out of their day sometime between Monday and Saturday in order to write some form of fiction based on said prompt. The ideas could range from a word, to a sentence, to an image or some combination of these things. All submissions will be due on Saturday and will be posted up for all to read on the following Monday.

For now, write your posts via your own word processing programs you have available. I’m in the process of setting up a more cohesive, uniform system for writing and submitting posts. I should have more information by the end of the week.

Happy Writing!!!

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