4M | ForteBowie

This is one of the more “manageable” Mondays for most of us with it being Memorial Day, but I figured I’d share  some dope music anyway!

Atlanta’s own ForteBowie is a hip hop artist I caught wind of over at The Redefined. Even though the review was decent, the music still slipped under my radar. Seems I was meant to listen to his music because South x Southwest brought his EP Vice Haus back into my possession.


I’m not quite sure where to classify his music within Hip Hop, but its catchy as hell. I also hear a slight effort to blend in sounds from other genres, specifically on “Nevermind”.  You’ll be drawn in quickly by the hard hitting beats and the catchy hooks, and he’s not too shabby when singing/rapping. He’s planning to re-release Vice Haus with bonus tracks/remixes and hopefully he’ll do so soon for summer playlists. Check out Gucci Mane down below and go purchase the original Vice Haus EP.

Highlight Tracks

  • M.O.B. Pt 1 & 2
  • Atychiphobia
  • Nevermind

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