4M | Travis Garland

Originally a part of short lived boy band NLT back in 2006, Garland split from the group in 2009 and has been slowly developing his solo career. After passing on a song that turned into Justin Beiber’s “Never Say Never” and a ghost album release date after his itunes single debut, it seems Garland may have finally found his zone musically.


After happening upon one of his songs via some choreography on Youtube, I began a search for more music to see if it was a fluke or I’d stumbled upon some more dope new music to share. Thankfully it was the latter. Eventually reaching his website, I downloaded to two FASHIONABLY LATE eps from the site, a total of 9 tracks. I hit the road, gave them a listen, and came away pleased. The sound is much different from the boy band he was with initially (thank goodness) and reminds me a bit of Lloyd and Robin Thicke. Check it out the vid below for the lead single from FASHIONABLY LATE II, “Where To Land”.

Highlight Tracks

  • Blue Electric Roses (Personal Favorite, Vid Coming Soon)
  • Neighbor
  • Homewrecker

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