Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail | Profex The Emcee

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).


The thing I’d attempt is releasing an album.

I’m a huge fan of Hip Hop culture, so its only natural that I’d wish to dabble in it. Many people think they can rap, not entirely understanding the power they have when placed in front of a mic. They do it for the wrong reasons: Money, emulation of a life portrayed by mainstream artists, etc. Some do it for entertainment only. They have their place.

My focus would be expression. I’d find some sort of way to hone my fiction writing skills and craft a world through music. Why haven’t I tried it yet? Well that’s not entirely true. I’ve worked on a few songs I’m very proud of that haven’t been released to the public yet. They’re part of larger projects and I’ll be sharing them here. My own project though? I’m in the process of getting better at this particular talent in order to get my vision across the way I imagined it. In due time.



One thought on “Daily Prompt: Too Big To Fail | Profex The Emcee

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