Write Life | “Hope”

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul

And sings the tunes without the words

And never stops at all

– Emily Dickinson


This post was placed within my write mind after reviewing The Great Gatsby this past Thursday. If you’ve never read the book or have yet to see the movie (a couple SPOILERS ahead), Gatsby serves as one of the most incredibly hopeful characters ever crafted by word. Coming from a very poor past, he happened upon an incredible opportunity and capitalized in order to provide a better life for himself. After meeting Daisy, a girl that truly exceeded his grasp socially, he worked tirelessly to reach her level in order to regain her attention and give her the life with him he believed she wanted.

Apart for 5 years, he waited for her with the intensity and imagination of a child, but he was also extremely patient. I won’t ruin anymore of the story for you (you should really read it) but his intense hope is truly infectious. Sadly, The Great Gatsby is a tragedy, but we all have been guilty of that seemingly vain and eternal hope at least once before. It never need be a negative thing though.

A strong mind always hopes and has always cause to hope.

– Thomas Carlyle


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