Photo Challenge: Culture | What Makes You?



The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.


I couldn’t choose just one pic to represent culture for me, so here’s a small gallery with some words in tow.

Its only right that I begin with my foundation in Nerd Culture. From video games to comic books, anime to cos-play, I am intrigued by all things nerd and have been since my mom had to drag me, nude save for my diaper, away from my Nintendo. Those that know me well, or even those that meet me in passing, hear the nerdom bleeding through my everyday language. Beware: Its infectious.


Musically, I’m not stranger to any genre (cept Country) but Hip Hop is most influential upon me. The pictures here showcase my experience during the recent Record Store Day, which is essentially celebrating music at its most organic. Record stores, vinyl, and the communities built around these things are sadly becoming dying arts, overridden by digital downloads and a poor excuse for social interaction via “share” buttons on music programs. I’ll be grabbing hold to days of old until the light fades from my eyes.


Food is underrated as a cultural device and is probably the most frequented. Think of many times indecision has led you to think of what you have a taste for that day: Chinese? Mexican? I’m all over the place when it comes to food, though Sushi is an arguable favorite. I’ve recently developed a taste for culturally authentic meals and treats, which often leads me to the amazing food trucks around Birmingham. Recently I went to the music/film festival South by Soutwest in Austin, Texas and one of the best parts was experiencing the vastly different food trucks they had in place.


Last, but most certainly not least, I have my fraternity. When beginning my college experience, I had a preconceived image of Greek life that was not very pleasant. I refused to join an organization that wasn’t progressive, many family members expecting me to join a historically black fraternity. I was an advocate for diversity and felt it’d be idiotic to represent a brotherhood that wasn’t of the same mindset. Then my cousin introduced me to Sigma Lambda Beta. It blew me away how, though diverse through and through, these men gathered together and supported each other like family. Along with our sisters in Sigma Lambda Gamma, we all play a role in changing the societal status quo. I’m forever proud to call myself a Beta man.


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