Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson | Introducing…Toni Jo

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt rounded up National Poetry Month by asking for everyone’s participation. I didn’t have the chance to write anything myself with work on Lionheart and Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen taking up my time, but fellow creative writer Toni Jo shot me a couple spur of the moment pieces of work.

First up, she was listening to a particular song on the radio (it won’t be difficult to figure out which) and decided to throw this poem together:

Your chocolate hands

Are slow grinding my butter pecan hips.
Draw your sugar daddy down my back 
Grace my skin with silent kisses 
If your horny come do this riding my pony
Let me slide my lips  across your skin 
I want to make my honey dew melon at the tip of your tongue 
My Pony, Come and jump on it.
Drap my smooth caramel apple with Fiji water
Spread my liquid thighs with your mount Everest 
Your horny let’s do it riding my pony. Come and jump on it.
 Later in the day she shot me this haiku:
My Eyes Never Closed
I Watched You Walk Out The Door
My Heart Stopped Beating
Many thanks. You can follow Toni on twitter here



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