Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation | Conflict of Interests

Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?


Today’s Prompt is a subject I’ve often touched on when talking music. Do you truly have to accept every facet of someone’s character in order to appreciate/enjoy their work? Music is an art that has place within my daily life, so I’ll focus on it. I personally don’t consider a person’s political interests when listening to their music. Honestly, I don’t consider the character of the person unless its dwindled in front of me (Lupe and his politics, B.o.B. and his sell-out denial, Drake and his tears, etc). As long as the music stays somewhat relate-able and enjoyable, I can look past almost anything else.

Kanye West is a pretty good example here. Known for his infamous ego, Kanye does not seem like the type of person you’ll get along with in a private setting, at all, but the man makes great music consistently. Some think the excess of attempted “art” within his music production (which can be attributed to his inflated ego) is taking its toll creatively, but other than Cruel Summer, where has he faltered?

Lupe Fiasco is becoming another story in this respect. His music has been politically charged from the jump, but his recent outings have become much more “preachy” than his early works. In exchange for his more clever approach of before, he has turned to the oft shunned, woe is me activist image. Its unfortunate he’s not using the platform to change things in Chicago, instead focusing on a regime he has a miniscule chance of changing, but oh well. With all this, the music isn’t as entertaining as it was and he’s also taken the “art” theory too far. Maybe things will change with his next album.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Art Appreciation | Conflict of Interests

  1. No, you don’t have to accept everything about a person to recognize and appreciate their talent. I think when it comes to music, the creation and production of content can and usually will offset the artist’s personality.

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