Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall | Drawn Together

I’m a day late uploading this one, but yesterday’s prompt was :

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?


I’m not currently in my own place, but I have steadily growing collection of posters and prints that will decorate my future home. The print above was made to commemorate the unveiling of the new Railroad Park here in Birmingham, AL and was giving to me by a family after helping them with their pet adoption. Its signed and dated and I cherish this one greatly. It will be a incredible centerpiece for art around my place.


Here’s a pic of a few posters I’ve collected from movie screenings and premieres. I review movies over at The Redefined and I have pretty cool plans for these. If you’ve seen the large encasing for posters at theaters, those are the types of frames I want to have around the house eventually. Only for favorite flicks of course, since these things take up a good bit of space. The rest will have basic black framing.


THIS piece is another pride and joy. Mondo is a company that has embraced the vintage styling of hand drawn posters, while focusing on cult or genre film. They got their start with posters by working with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, but has since become a major force in film, so much so that studios now go to them for alternate posters.

This print is for Game of Thrones, a book series turned incredible tv show that has quickly become one of my absolute favorite works of fiction. Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a Mondo poster the day they release, but a good friend of mine got this one and offered to let me buy it from him. I graciously accepted the offer and can not wait to get this up on the wall.

What do you display in your home? Comment below!


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