Lionheart | Cover Unveiling

It almost here!!!

It almost here!!!

This is the cover for the free preview that everyone will be able to download this Saturday the 27th on “Tell-A-Story” Day. It will contain the prologue, the first chapter, and a random chapter from the novel I specifically chose to tease the incredible story that is Lionheart. There’s no day set just yet, but I’m looking to release the full novel in November of this year after spreading the word around and getting feedback on this free edition. This is my pride and joy and I want to give you all the best story I can and place myself in the position to continue the 7 Star Prophecy series.

Those that have followed the transformation and development of this story from the beginnings a few years ago will recognize a few elements and characters, but notice the story has changed immensely. Before, I was trying to force a story onto paper but I learn to let the story tell itself. Lionheart is the result. Vincent is still there, as is Carmen, but they have a more grand journey ahead of them with some new companions.

Also, big shout out to Tony Rodgers for the design. I gave him the most scarce of details I could come up with for cover ideas and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. This cover is specifically for the free version, the full version having a similar, but very different design unique to itself. Stay tuned everyone!!!


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