Daily Prompt: The Clone Wars | The Writing Righter’s Writer


Today’s prompt from The Daily Post asks:

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

First, allow me to explain the guy in the picture. That’s James Maddrox aka Multiple Man, a mutant of the Marvel Universe. He has the capability of copying himself via kinetic energy (ex: when he gets hit) but his “dupes” take it a step further. Each dupe has their own individual personality, some even wanting to live separate lives on their own. James can also reabsorb them, retaining all knowledge and memories the dupe gained away from him.

If I could clone myself, I’d want my clones to operate much like his.

Why? Lets say I use four dupes. To start, I’d task one with learning a couple extra foreign languages. He’d isolate himself and study the Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic languages along with their history. The second would work my day job (gotta have funds :/). The third would engage himself socially, with strict rules to not get committed to anyone or marry (remember, they have their own personalities). It’d be awkward to reabsorb him and find out I have a girlfriend/fiance out there wondering where I am. Of course there would be the occasional exception where this dupe would have to sit out while I get out for a bit. The fourth would write. All daily prompts, movie reviews, novels, etc would be handled solely by him.

What would I be doing through all this?

Well, I’d be working out and keeping myself in the absolute best shape possible.  There are limitations on the physical affects when a dupe is reabsorbed, so I wouldn’t task one with working out. At the end of each week, I’d gather the group, discuss updates, coordinate schedules (can’t all appear in the same place of course), and send them back to their duties. I’d probably reabsorb them in 4 or 5 months depending on the time of year.

Seems like I’ve thought this out before huh?


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