And it begins… [Mind of Profex 2013]


Today marks the true start of a very important stage in my life: the start of my first official novel. Many writers don’t get their first books out there (I believe I have a great product on my hands, though I’m sure most have) but I will most certainly find a way to get this book. That may be via a top publisher or via ebook, nevertheless it will happen.

I’m reserving the next 4-6 months for this novel. If you follow me, you know I did finish NaNoWriMo (book in a month), but I want to take the time to develop this into a great story. Ideally, I’ll finish the story in 4 months and use the rest to edit. Also, I’ll be trying to contact agents throughout this process. This way, I’ll have a better bridge to the larger publishing companies.


Once this first step is done, things will get even more interesting. During the novel writing process, I’m putting my music to the side so I can focus. I’ve done some recording already and will be featured on two awesome projects that will drop sometime this year (more on this later). Once this is done, though, I’ll be working on three projects. The hip hop group Triple F (Myself, D Gut, and Nobi) will have an album this year. The other two are solo outings for myself. The first will mostly consist of my personal journey. The other, though, will be an incredibly original album/mixtape/freEP that will be a product of my fiction writing. More details later, but I’m very excited for this. If you want to be involved, contact me at and I’ll keep in contact.

2013 is going to be a busy year. 2012 was a year of education and networking. This year is execution. Stay tuned.


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