What/Who is The Writing Righter?

What is this world without creative stimulation? Without the movies, music, stories that drive us? At most a stale shell. Beings living out our plain lives. Wake, work, eat, work, sleep. Rinse, repeat. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for us (well…most of us). Television, radio, internet. There are endless avenues for creative indulgence and expression. This blog will be mine own personal path.

I’m still finalizing the content I’ll be focusing on here, but the general idea is creative writing of course. A few examples:


Movie Reviews

Flash Fiction

As readers evolve, so too will the blog. I plan to do Fan Fiction (with a poll like system), original episodic content, and possibly a current events focused section. First, we must gather followers in order to get diverse feedback. So please share with everyone you know! Also, feel free to comment an ideas/requests you have for blog content or design. I want this to grow with everyone’s input. Lets do this!


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