PixelCon 2011!!!

Today I’ll be attending my first con. PixelCon is a convention honoring gaming and many aspects surrounding it. There will be art showcases, panel discussions about gaming in many cultures, cosplay, gaming demos, and gaming tournaments. I’ll be participating in most of it and I’ll be posting videos/photos soon. I’m taking my computer with me, so hopefully I can give down to the minute updates as the happenings happen. Stay tuned!
Update #1
Wandered around a bit. Caught some people playing Dance Central. Got a little too serious lol.

Update #2
Decent turnout here. Alot of people have been playing Dance Central and it seems to be drawing a crowd. Met up with some fellow Best Buy employees and now we’re at the Cosplay Forum.
Update #3
Cosplay Forum was cool. I’ve been planning to make a couple costumes for a while and their tips will definitely help out. Played some Soul Calibur (smoked em, no contest).
Update #4
Enjoyed some Subway for a second time. My 1st group of peeps left and my second group of friends have shown up. Actually participated in Dance Central amidst all the con-goers. Got the crowd pumped. We also caught the very awesome concert. Music from Final Fantasy, Super Mario, and Megaman all made an appearance.


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